Cummins ISX12N gas engine will be optimized

Cummins ISX12N gas engine will be optimized as a generator for the Hypertruck ERX transmission

The collaboration between Cummins and Hyliion will solve the challenge of optimizing a Cummins natural gas engine into a generator for the Hyliion Hypertruck ERX transmission.

The Hyliion Hypertruck ERX is an electric propulsion system for an extended range semi-trailer, where on-board power is used to recharge the batteries.

Together, the companies plan to obtain key environmental certifications for the Cummins ISX12N natural gas combustion engines.

The optimized engines will be able to use the 700 existing service stations in North America to refuel at low cost.

The Cummins ISX12N meets the California ARB optional low NOx limit of 0.02 g/hp-hr, which is 90% less than engines operating at the current US EPA NOx limit. 0.2g/hp-hr US

Production of the Cummins ISX12N natural gas-powered Hypertruck ERX is expected in late 2023.


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