Cummins and Chevron Collaborate on Low-Carbon Fuel Solutions

Cummins and Chevron Collaborate on Low-Carbon Fuel Solutions

Leading engine manufacturer, Cummins, and energy giant, Chevron, announced a strengthened alliance aimed at promoting the adoption of alternative and lower carbon fuels. This move is part of a broader industry push to reduce environmental impact and align with global sustainability targets.

Jennifer Rumsey, President and CEO of Cummins, commented:

“Our ‘Destination Zero’ strategy is central to our company’s vision. At Cummins, we have a holistic approach via our Accelera program that champions zero-emission solutions for varied industries. While we have made significant strides, partnerships are essential to our mission. Teaming up with Chevron, we aim to bolster the infrastructure and availability of renewable fuels, creating a more sustainable environment.”

The newly inked memorandum extends the collaborative scope to include a wide range of renewable liquid fuels. This now encompasses renewable gasoline blends, biodiesel, renewable diesel, hydrogen, and natural gas.

Andy Walz, President of Chevron Americas, expressed:

“For a meaningful transition to a low-carbon future that benefits everyone, we need both groundbreaking innovations and practical solutions that render tangible results. Our alliance with Cummins is geared towards offering economical and dependable energy solutions. Our mutual objective is to empower commercial fleets using Chevron’s products and Cummins’ equipment to champion a greener world.”

Joint Focus on R&D and Global Deployment

The joint venture underscores a commitment to investing in research, development, and global dissemination of alternative fuel systems and innovations. Both companies emphasized their concerted effort to scale up alternative fuel solutions tailored for vehicles produced by Cummins.

About Chevron

Chevron is a global energy behemoth, known for its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technological advancements. With its vast operations spanning multiple continents, Chevron continually strives to meet the world’s growing demand for energy in an environmentally responsible way. The company’s collaboration with Cummins, showcase its proactive approach to shaping a sustainable energy landscape for the future.


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